Tuesday, March 2, 2010


hahahahaha! yesssss! i got the internet working! i kind of feel more normal now that i can have my little routine again. whew!

picture below is my room as of the end of moving day sunday. it looks about as with it as i did that evening. it is looking waaaay better and cooler now...

last night, brandi carlile rockin' it like you would not believe. soooo much fun! this morning outside on my new patio, enjoying the rain and laughing at seven who was just standing in it and staring at me. yes, he is now even more filthy than before (i didn't know it was possible).

ugh. i can't tell you how good it feels to be "back in business" so to speak. more pics, more info, more insight to come. but now...it's time for me to go get my hair did.


Susanne said...

glad you're moved in honey , get some rest and come see me some time.xxoo

Jenny Leigh D. said...