Monday, March 22, 2010

oh look, it's a monday.

'allo friends! 'tis monday and i'm not nearly as perky as that greeting may indicate. but, i'm glad to be alive and remotely coherent this morning. i did a really good job of getting absolutely nothing done yesterday except lay in bed...well, until later in the evening when i met up with some friends (i found $10 and had a good time spending it). but now i'm more exhausted than i was when my weekend began.
goal for the week: no staying out past 9 (except for family dinner). nothing fiscally responsible happens for me after 9 p.m.
well, i know it's a wee post (that made me giggle) but i should get ready for work; and yes, i am aware that i haven't posted any pics in two days but i have them and will post them.
adieu for now,

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