Friday, March 26, 2010

springtime weekend romp du jour...the prelude

just a few more hours left until i get my weekend. i am so excited, i don't even know where to begin! i was hoping to go to the library and check out a classic or two to enjoy in the sunshine on a lawn of some sort. then i realized it's springtime tallahassee tomorrow. wowsa. big parade, lots of people, beads being thrown, some dude dressed up as ponce de leon sweating profusely and half-waving at the slew of youngins bolting to the street for "gold coins"; and though this does indeed sound fantastic, and at some point i was one of those youngins i...ahem...i'm not big on crowds.
i was lamenting this charming quirk of mine, and subsequent conundrum to my roomie when she mentioned she just happened to have a couple of the classics i was in the mood to read! how fortuitous! i can have my sunshiney, read-y date with myself after all.
i'm pretty stoked to have two days off. i'm a little burned out and i know the time will do me some good.
the chateau is looking pretty awesome right now, if i do say so myself, and i only have maybe one or two nights worth of work until the place is all finished and completely, officially inhabitable as "the chateau". yay me!
well, i reckon i'm going to steal some sugar from the little buddy and do a little bit more daydreaming about all the things i want to do this weekend. *sigh* keep me away from all picture windows today for i am sure to get lost in thought.
adieu for now,

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