Friday, March 12, 2010

well, do ya....punk?

what puts me on the edge of a nervous breakdown? a bad meal and a bad lover. ~sonia rykiel

good morning friends. i am rather bemused with the events transpiring this weekend. i truly am sad somewhere inside today but there is a c'est la vie calm overriding it. thank goodness because i am so tired of being blue and crying. i am almost beligerent when the tears start rolling forth like an unstoppable wave. "stop right there you mangy sadness! you're not welcome in this town" i want to say, my hand above the revolver in my holster and the sun glistening off of my pentagonal badge. and though i know i am out-numbered and will eventually be defeated and will cry like a little baby...again, i'm really hoping i can make it until sunday afternoon before i do. i feel it is important to be stronger than i have been. so here i go, partner. wish me luck, thus begins the weekend of goodbyes!

...adieu for now,


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