Sunday, March 14, 2010

have you ever been out walking in the woods?

hello folks. 'tis sunday. typically i would be walking in the woods, and i may still do that. right now i am sleepily typing and have been putting away clothes while my gal pal tries to sort out the details of an unforeseen inconvenience toward her great departure.

last night we had a fabulous evening filled with friends (exponential amounts of friends), mirth, and cocktails. there were a few tears but fortunately (and oddly enough) i wasn't the one crying this time. it felt really great to see so many people come out and support my girl. it did my heart some good to get some visiting in with some friendly faces from back in the day as well.

sufficed to say, i didn't overdo it but i sure as heck went to bed late late late. so today i am a little dazed. the lack of sleep partnered with the incredible amount of constant intense emotion have left me a little out of it.

throughout all of the aforementioned distractions, i have been thinking a lot. once again i realize that i need not say everything in my head and my heart. i need not whine, i need not express it all the way i have been. silencio. it will be a good practice for me in the long run methinks.

methinks i also need a nap. eventually that will occur. for now, i am happily back in business as sidekick to my friend while she still needs me to be. holy sleepy best buds, batman!

adieu for now,
*today's pic: lulu's patented tar coffee insta-waker-upper for two gal pals recovering from a super fun evening.

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