Thursday, March 4, 2010

a night in

good evening friends! man, am i glad to be at the chateau. it's been a good day albeit a long day; now i am enjoying a beer and flight of the conchords and staring vacantly at a slew of bags and boxes left to be organized. too bad i'm so beat that i kind of want to laze about and eat sunchips (feel free to bring some by if'n you're so inclined...i like the french onion kind).

each day there seems to be about fifty things that remind me yet again that in a week and a half two of my friends won't be here to hang out and play anymore. my deep-seeded abandonement issues have been checked at the door, so no worries there; yet, i am gripped daily with the bittersweet. hmmm. oh well, such is life. it actually is a bittersweet ride most of the time, huh?

*sigh* i reckon i'll put my big girl britches on and get to gettin'. no wallerin' tonight.

adieu for now,

today's pic: tired lady in front of her mexican bowl. if you've seen it once you've seen it a million times. :-)

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