Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i didn't get a chance to post yesterday. it's been a wild week. i have been overwhelmed by emotions and not sleeping well; having bizarre dreams and laying awake staring off into the abyss that is the ceiling fan. great things have been occurring every day, nothing is all that bad but yesterday i was superbly floored by how sad i am (amongst a myriad of other emotions and kooky psychoses that wait until the worst possible moment to say "hi there! i live here now!").
i don't know why i can't just shut my damn mouth sometimes. why do i HAVE to express every single thing i think and feel? it isolates the people i really like and makes me feel like a giant rotten terd.
oh well. today's a new day. and it's an odd awakening that all of these times that i've been enjoying and am so afraid of losing are all yesterdays now. it's a good time to remind myself of that delightful old saying of mine "if you've got one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, then you're pissing all over today". that's what happened yesterday. i'm too stubbourn to let that happen again today or tomorrow or the day after that. oh but i'm still aggravated with myself. ugh. no time for that either.

yesterday's pic: wine & an eggplant vase at dinner after meeting a truly interesting woman who encouraged me to talk about myself (which we all know, outside of a blog, is always dangerous).

adieu for now kiddos.
your friendly neighbourhood sad sack tenderheart,

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