Saturday, March 20, 2010

the noisy quiet

happy saturday, folks. it's a beautiful spring day in tally and i am heading to work soon. no worries, only a few hours until my lil weekend starts.

today i am over-rested and over-caffienated. i am also anxiously awaiting a little quiet time tomorrow. even thinking about heading to the coast for the afternoon if it isn't too rainy. i have chosen to make mental rest my priority next week. even though i have been taking somewhat decent care of myself (minus the day after st. paddy's...good gracious) and getting a lot of sleep this week i still feel like i've been pulled in 5000 different directions.

when my mind is discombobulated, my house reflects it. then the opposite occurs. my house is a mess, then my mind is overwhelmed. the poor chateau. there are clothes everywhere and a few boxes left to unpack. it's a cycle. ish.

tonight's plans are to dance around to some old country music while getting dressed, then head out to see a friends band (the one i missed on wednesday). after that, i would really like to go home and get some sleepimans.

i very much look forward to waking up with seven laying next to me and the sun pouring in through the window; then having "a day". a day in which i don't have to do a damn thing but relax and be quiet and well... just be. if i can't make it to the coast, i will be taking another walk in the woods methinks. i need some nature.

i haven't anything more interesting than that to say at the moment.
adieu for now, lovelies! enjoy your weekend.
*top: playin' around this morning
bottom: last night making cuddlemans with the little love of my life.

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