Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hibernation is the new yoga

oh dear. i just woke up after sleeping for thirteen hours. i didn't mean to but i simply could not stop sleeping. yesterday doesn't feel like it happened at all nor does sunday. i was barely with it for either. this weekend seems like it was a month ago. and now i have fifteen minutes to shower, change, grab some breakfast and/or coffee and hit the road for work. ish kabibble.

i do have to say i woke up more peaceful today than i have in a really long time. as in, i couldn't tell you how long. oh how i miss my friends (my gal is flying into nyc today...good luck snickerdoodle!) and oh i am tired of grieving the way that i have.
i woke up this morning and looked at my phone, worried just how late i had slept past my alarm (an hour and a half) and noticed i had two messages from two completely random people whom i haven't seen much lately or don't usually get to see. both of whom extolled genuine care for my existence and i have to say it was overwhelming in the greatest possible way.
here i am today, friends. i care that you exist, please know that.
adieu for now,

*pics: top: how everything has looked and felt lately. attractive, no? bottom: me when i woke up at 11ish last night realizing i hadn't taken a picture for the day. no, my mind never stops.

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Susanne said...

a good night's sleep is medicinal, isn't it ? Glad you finally broke thru that sound barrier , lu .xxxooo