Thursday, March 18, 2010

parenthetical cyclones

the tsunami of st. patrick's day is done. i didn't plan on going out and being boisterous, but boisterous and out i indeed was. i had a super fun time with my favourite leprechaun at the fake irish bar in town, then proceeded to truly enjoy the company of two lady friends as we basically went all over town. i missed the show i wanted to see but got to reconnect with some friends at the venue as a trade. then off we went to the fake new orleans bar which makes my skin crawl but we went anyway. guess who has a problem with crowds? that's right, me. and guess who got stuck wedged between the bar and the crowd? that's right, me. hyperventilation aside i closed the evening with a great chat (albeit i tend to ramble waaay too much after guinness) with a lady friend that did my heart some good.

today there are rumbles of drama in the distance (but this is tallahassee, what else is new?). wicked storms are brewing that, years ago, i would have driven right toward because it was normal to get sucked up into a tornado like that. now i am learning (slowly) to drive away from them. well, i am trying my damndest to anyway. i had a brief encounter yesterday that made me cringe when i woke up this morning and looked over my evening. old habits and what-not. basically i had a moment when i realized not only had i just landed myself smack dab in the middle of a field during a lightening storm (again); but also found myself in a suit made of metal. that's right, a lightening conductor suit of my own design. weird moment. however, i am determined not to get struck by lightening, sucked up into the cyclone, or have a house dropped on me again. thank goodness i live so far out of town, i can basically disappear if i choose to do so.

aaanyway, i'm off work today and about to go have lunch with a cohort. i am very much looking forward to it. i haven't a clue what else to do with my day but the stack of dishes in my room hint subtly that i should perhaps work on some domestic tasks. meh. we shall see. maybe i'll rent twister instead.

enjoy your day friends!
top pic: a typical shelf at my house.
middle pic: me and b celebratin' st. paddy's day. our little tradition.


Susanne said...

cute guy Lu can you introduce me ?xxoo

lulu said...

you minx!