Friday, March 5, 2010

turtle herders & puppy wranglers

g'mornin campers, 'tis friday and i am guzzling a truly magnificent batch of coffee and listening to bluegrass. i am desperately avoiding having to bring seven in from the backyard because he is belly deep in dirt from playing all morning. it's been a while since he's had a big fenced in place to run and he is loving every second he gets to tear up my roomie's yard. thankfully she's low key enough to just laugh at him; the little muddy nut that he is.
as for me, i'm thinking a lot. i'm super overwhelmed with all i have to do at the chateau. so much so that i put one or two things away before i just sit down and stare. i think it's a combination of where my head is with where my stuff is (everywhere). ha! i'm feeling good, a little sadness inside but overall accepting of the fact that i'm closing a couple of big chapters and making room to open a couple of new ones (i've always been a multi-tasker, one chapter is never enough). i feel a wave of positivity and hope for the things i will be getting done this year. i am in a really good place even though a few episodes of my regularly scheduled life will have moved on to other channels on the set. i know i am capable of great strength (if not great stubbournness), i just have to tap into it. you know, like a keg. ha!
i'm off like a herd of turtles, folks.
*today's pics: ode to seven and the mud. top, "aw mama! stop takin' pictures!", right, amused mama and muddy baby. left, seven's tough guy face (it was actually a yawn. it's really exhausting to run in circles for an hour and a half!) that's ma boy.

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