Wednesday, September 30, 2009

adios septiembre

i cannot believe september is over! it is such an overlooked month, i think. and here we are on the 30th already. it just flew right by.
there is a chill in the air and though it will be a high of 81 today...i'm wearing a sweater and no one can talk me out of it!
as for all of my goals for the month, i put forth quite some effort, but alas have been greatly derailed while housesitting.
i am beyond thrilled to go back to the funky little shack. seven more days and i will be home, yay!
i am thinking of what projects to do next. i want october to be a month filled with creativity and inspiration.
i hope your september has been lovely and i hope today is too.
adieu for now,


Jenny Leigh D. said...

Geeze it really did fly by didn't it? I can't believe it-It feels like yesterday was New Years!

Good Idea! I am going to make October Resolutions too!

susanne conner said...

It's a crying shame about September but.....LuLu, its October! The month of pumpkins,bats,wax lips,Ghost Hunters big Halloween haunted episode, am I leaving anything out? I hope not, I love October!!!

lulu said...

i love october too, mama mia! it's time for corn & sausage cheddar chowder!

Adrienne said...

Now, you just give your ol girl a call when you make a batch of chowder. I will come over with my own soup spoon and everything. Possibly some snack crackers, if you like. My word verification is hochy. That made me giggle.

lulu said...

miss a (aka hochy) *snicker*, i want you to make (or buy) some sort of thick artisenal bread that we can make honey butter for and dunk into the chowder. how's that sound for amazingness?