Friday, September 18, 2009


so, every season i pick a few colours that i would like to add to my wardrobe in some manner or form. this year it is amethyst/plum, mustard yellow, grey/taupe, and coral/apricot peachy pinks. here are a few examples of what i am thinking of that i have found in my research. xo
now, i cannot wear sweater jackets, as much as i dream that i can. i am not built for it. too many curves, not enough torso. a girl can dream though, right?
these, i would probably get. i love cords. i haven't had cords in probably 5 or 6 years. there is something so comforting and innately fall/winter about them and these are cute as pie.
aren't the buttons fabulous? i need to find another word to use because i say it too much, but fabulous just fits!

not that this top is that interesting, it isn't. but it possesses several characteristics i look for in wardrobe goodies. 1. layering capabilities 2. two of my other favourite colours chartreuse, and pumpkin orange 3. saying something funny. for no good reason STONES is printed down the front. that's funny to me.

adieu for now, friends!



susanne conner said...

I love the plums and mango colors...they are so you bunny (can i call you bunny in public?)Fall is almost here so this is impt research !!

lulu said...

call me bunny anytime mama! love you!