Saturday, September 19, 2009

guten tag

i am in the silliest mood this morning. it may be because after returning home from a visit with two girlfriends of mine last night, i made it as far as the dining room where i proceeded to fall asleep playing on the floor with seven. that is how pitiful i am now.
my sleep migrated slightly from there with a small break to walk seven. i then moved half-clothed to my room and slept partially on my bed until 2 o'clock in the morning when i woke up giggling and proceeded then to actually get ready for bed.
silly dreams all night. silly behaviour apparantly.
i woke up this morning and giggled more, this time at my friend's link on facebook. it reminded me of howard the duck which in turns frightens me the way garbage pail kids (used to) frighten me. by "used to", by the way, i mean still does.
then i found a great band called great lake swimmers, which i am sure you all have heard of but i hadn't; and i really like them a lot. particularly the song "your rocky spine". Great Lake Swimmers - Your Rocky Spine all of this before coffee too!
good morning friends! i hope you have a day full of silliness, unexpected chortles and belly laughs too!
i'm heading toward the coffee pot now. more later!

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