Friday, September 18, 2009

morning boys & money people

good morning readers! i hope this friday has greeted you warmly. me? i am doing quite alright. had a bit of a bumpy road yesterday with a person dear to me and and am startled to find myself capable of breathing today.
yesterday was a very "people" day. i had intense words with one, which was a long time coming. i spent quality face time with my parents (even an hour longer than usual for our family dinners), and carried on a lengthy text conversation with someone who used to be a close friend but we had grown apart over nearly a year.
my horoscope says that today will be a "money" day. i doubt i will be earning much more than any other day but i already know that i have moolah on the brain. who doesn't?
i do have to say i am so very grateful i have had the fortnuate finances i have had this year. while some people have struggled much more than i, i have managed to get my own place and completely support myself independently. after all the garbage i went through and have put myself through, it is very empowering to see the home i have made for myself and seven.
well, this is where my noggin is first thing this lovely september morning. here are a couple of songs that are speaking to me today...who doesn't love a soundtrack?

ehren ebbage, not the same
andy white, long time coming
augustana, meet you there
willie nile, on some rainy day
squatters, through the sparks
adieu for now, friends!

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