Thursday, September 24, 2009


so, yeah. the day is long. my head is swimming. and i'm still escaping via faux-shopping. i haven't been to in nearly a year. i was pleasantly surprised by the selection. enjoy, friends! fiesta flats. $59.99
tellteal wedges. $149.99

olive & twist pumps. $99.99

the goldie trench. $107.99

metroparks coat, evergreen. $122.99

dance hall blitz dress. $149.99

perfect pencil dress in klimt. $49.99

az-tech dress. $64.99

formal affair dress. $109.99


k.lou said...

the dance hall dress needs to be in my closet just as fast as the formal affair one needs to be in yours.

susanne conner said...

Now that i'm going to live, just a horrific sinus thing, I like the espadrilles myself!

lulu said...

k- i totally posted dance hall dress for you!

lulu said...

s- we have always had a fondness for espadrilles, haven't we?!

Tiffany said...

I have the dance hall dress! I got it free from a friend who it was too big for (and it's actually too small for me, but I'm getting it let out a bit). I love rich friends!