Wednesday, September 23, 2009

more thinky thoughts

good morning friends! 'tis wednesday. i am at work. wishing i could go home to my funky little shack and read the princess bride (which senor mas lent to me this morning when i had a coffee drive-by). this is my favourite time of year and i am not able to spend it in my abode, that is rather frustrating. but, i'm on day 4 of 17 so that is good. whittling it down, it'll be over before i know it, then i will have some extra money!
i am feeling a little off today. partially because i had too many cervezas last night, and partially because i've been doing a lot of thinking lately. it boils down to soul-searching, internal inventories, some acceptances, acknowledgements, goals, wishes, etc.
so sufficed to say, here i am; simultaneously liberated and overwhelmed. colour me surprised, once again!
today i have had to admit to myself that procrastination never solves anything. sometimes it works out in my favour but rarely and i just need to bite the bullet and stop worrying (and bitching) about stuff all the time! sometimes it is really challenging for me to just be happy without thinking of things to worry about. i can throw a silver lining on just about anything yet i still find myself struggling with that one.
life is good.
adieu for now!

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