Tuesday, September 22, 2009

surprise! a list!

g'mornin' kids. 'tis tuesday and i am feeling pretty darn good. i actually got a little sleep last night; perhaps because i went to a meeting, it is pleasant weather out, and i am at working makin' that money.
i have been thinking lately that i should make a list of all of the things i want to do that are inherently "tallahassee" or "pandhandley" before i move away.
what would some of those things be?
1. attend a few more RR square first fridays. it used to be THE thing i did on fridays and i haven't been in ten months or so!
2. the lighting of downtown at christmas. i don't think i have done that in fifteen years.
3. brunch at broken egg. miss a, we've discussed this...
4. a trip to the junior museum is a must. i refuse to call it by whatever the name changed to ten years ago. it will always be the junior museum.
5. a morning spent on campus people-watching, for old times' sake.
6. a movie at miracle theatre. that's not so hard considering it's my favourite theatre.
7. the apalachicola seafood festival. even just a trip to apalach in general would be good for the ole psyche.
8. some kind of art show at lemoyne. i used to go at christmas, then i did this hilarious fashion show in 110 degree weather summer before last. funny, fond memories.
9. a stroll around goodwood.
10. play frisbee at the greenway.
11. take a walk at tom brown park.
12. take the mission san luis tour. again.

aw! i'm getting so sentimental. i guess i should get going on checking some of those thing off the list eh? not like i have any concrete plans to leave, but doing these silly things will help me reserve some umph for the eventual move...
add some suggestions!


Adrienne said...

I am on board with all of these! I keep threatening to make a list like this, but haven't yet. I just want to add a couple of more restaraunts. Your xanadu-in it up- I think my list looks exactly like yours. WEIRD.

lulu said...

colour me surprised there, x-to the-du!