Friday, September 25, 2009


1. mama doesn't have H1N1!
2. think (hope) i finally got rid of that despicable customer...PLEASE let it be so! i never want her to call or email me again!
3. got myself a really cute treat for my house today. well, i ordered it months ago before i was so determined with my finances but oh well... i don't know where it will go but it's sooooo cute and it made me giggle out loud when i opened the box.
4. i've made it 3 hours at work without crying or cussing anyone out.

why, yes i am cabbage-patching for myself right now. thank you for asking!


susanne conner said...

Hang in there pumpkin, keep in mind she is not as smart, witty, or as wise as you are, therefore, feel sorry for her ! Do I know her???

lulu said...

no i don't think you do because she was an online customer. sooo glad to have gotten it figured out though because she was a relentless loon!