Thursday, September 24, 2009

scattered, smothered & covered

good morning, lovelies! 'tis thursday, day 5 of 17 on mission housesitting. i miss my funky little shack something fierce, but i think i will go over one afternoon this weekend and just chill out.
i have a million thoughts flying around my head today. buzz buzz buzz. i cannot seem to pick just one to write anything substantial about. as if i write such substantial posts as it is.
that actually made me laugh out loud. oh! the depth of fall fashion and how it applies to life! oh! ode to the mallow punkin! yep, i'm still giggling.
thank goodness i have the ability to laugh today. i stumbled across a big revelation yesterday and i think it will help me with a lot of other things that weigh on me.
i digress. back to the laughing at myself...i have my clothes stored in the bathtub at this house. it is kind of fun to go treasure hunting every morning for what to wear. i think it is really amusing too. it is one of those things that i wouldn't normally think is unusual until someone else says something.
this is my silly morning. off to the tub to get my work outfit together. perhaps that will be my catchphrase now.
off to the tub!

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