Sunday, September 27, 2009

you can't do that on television! can you?

as those of you who are aware, 99% of my time is not spent watching cable television. in most instances i have a negative physical reaction to reality tv shows, talent competitions, and crime investigation shows in general. i digress.

since i am housesitting i am admittedly a little out of sorts being away from my home and the inherent comforts therein; that measely 1% of cable time has grown to about 34% of my time being spent mindlessly staring at the magical rectangle of vapid brilliance.

items of note:

there is a commercial, i think it's for target. it begins with a mom hilariously playing tetherball with her son. then she's beatboxing while another one of her kids is break-dancing. at the end she and her family are in western wear having their family picture taken. i am obsessed with this commercial. that is the kind of mother i would want to be if the opportunity ever presented itself. i tell you, after being absent from the world of television commercial marketing, i am SOOOO much more susceptible! i think the ad agencies have stepped over into this new level that makes some of this stuff more personable. it made suave hair products, capri-suns, and oreos look so much better then i would have ever imagined.

there is another commercial for at&t about a little girl that is putting up posters of her lost dog. some dude sees it, takes a picture on his super-amazing at&t phone and sends it to everyone he knows. within the frame of, say, an hour someone is (creepy moment alert) sitting on her front steps with her dog. sufficed to say, thanks to my awkward ability to be moved by commerical advertising, i got emotional when the little girl and her pup were reunited. it made me scoop up seven suddenly and give him those mom kisses on the top of his head. he just stared at me.

i can't keep up with all the award shows that exist now but, i saw an ad for a random hip-hop award show that was a parody of a nancy grace episode. starring tracy morgan as one of the forgotten founders of def jam records (he calls himself the 5th beatle, and the 4th unkown member of tony, toni, tone...also named tony) and nancy grace. he has hammer hair with a philly fade and by the end of the ad has offended her. nancy starts getting angry and for lack of a better phrase indicates "if you mess with the bull, you get the horns."

this brought me so much joy. i derive a great deal of pleasure from people who don't take themselves too seriously. it's amusing and inspiring. leave it to me to find substance in that ad. that's why i was successful in the humanities program.

this post took me soooo long to write, it's embarrassing and i'm wired on caffiene, not that it's noticeable...

adieu for now,



susanne conner said...

I tried to shield you from the one eyed brain sucker that sits in our home but I see you found another one. Scary isn't it? Whats even scarier is that my B watches the housewives of Atlanta. I'm petrified.XXXOOO

lulu said...

i think it is hilarious that b loves those housewife shows. it's a culture clash! love you mama! xoxo