Tuesday, September 29, 2009


what a weekend. i'm so tired and that just ain't right. i even went to bed early!
it is a beautiful morning, a little chilly (it will be 90 by 10:30 a.m.) and i am on day 10 of 17 on mission housesitting. i miss my funky little shack soooo much. what else is new? i am thisclose to becoming a hermit.
so, i saw something on the daily buzz, which i have heard rumbles of previously; it is a website called just don't wife her.com. this little stroke of brilliance is a site for men to post pictures of the women who "done them wrong" and post a description of why no one else should date/sleep with/marry her (the post for cashmere and herpes sherry are particularly disturbing). it would almost be humourous to me if i knew it were a joke; but, even in it's ridiculous glory, it appears to be real.
now, i could see why this was invented. a couple of dudes gets royally screwed over and instead of doing something productive (like maybe developing a hobby or perhaps looking for a different type of woman next time) they decide to dwell, commiserate over jaeger bombs and "get back" at her.
i've had a broken heart too. i have been royally screwed over too. on the other hand, i've done the heart-breaking and hurt people as well; and who hasn't had a good bash session about an ex in a moment of anger or sadness? but, even if this site were about loser men, i think it too closely resembles slander (was reminded by dear friend that slander is spoken and libel is the written form thereof) and could do a lot more damage than the one person's broken heart.
just like the gender discrepencies in regard to the medical world (male potency drugs have been on the market for what? 10 years now? and where is a birth control pill that all women in their reproductive years can afford?), i am interested to see what- if anything- will be done about posting slanderous material online. perhaps, they should have it done to them? nah, that would just be petty, immature, and cruel...
adieu for now,

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