Monday, September 21, 2009

viente y uno

good morning lovelies...autumn is in the air this morning. it isn't noticeably much cooler yet, but there is just the faintest whisper of the change of season that has me surprisingly grounded this morning despite the molehills of chaos everywhere else in my world.
i began housesitting yesterday afternoon and despite my best efforts to be very organized about it (which were relative successes), it still has thrown me for a little bit of a loop. i left my wallet at the house this morning, didn't pack the right shoes for my outfit, i cannot find my journal (which unnerves me to no end), i miss my coffee maker, and i burned my breakfast. twice.
money has been on the forefront of my mind as i have mentioned several times, and today even more so. as i mentioned a couple of days ago (or was it yesterday?) that i wanted to plan a trip; well, senor mas made an excellent point about our separate but similar financial situations.
it was accurate for his sake, and i understand logically that i shouldn't spend a lot of money on a trip right now, but i also don't have another opportunity to take this time off until after christmas. ...and i always try to take a trip in the fall. it's just the perfect trip-taking time of year.
i guess this just means i will have to be more creative in my trip-planning. i can do that! right?
more later friends,

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SenorMas said...

I said for me. I would love to take a vacation, if I can go, especially with you. You deserve a vacation!