Friday, September 25, 2009

happy friday

good morning, lovelies! i am ever so happy to have awakened in a new day today. my goodness, was yesterday a big ole steaming pile! today is beautiful in it's blank canvas-ness. yes, i just made up that word.
things on my mind this morning:
1. coffee is really awesome.
2. meningitis is really scary. we've had two young women die from it in the past week and a half in tallahassee. one was bacterial, the other was pneumococcal. you hear that? yeah, that's my hypochondria and panic kicking into full gear.
3. sometimes i wish i could take a vacation back in time instead of going somewhere in the present. for example: "hey lu, where are you going for your three-day weekend?" to which i reply: "oh, i'm going to paris, in 1923. want to come?". that would be so rad.
4. i'm really hoping for some patience today, and that this awful customer that won't leave me alone, get's taken care of for good and never ever calls, emails, or contacts me again.
adieu for now, kiddos!

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