Sunday, September 20, 2009

where to go

i have picked a weekend for my oft-mentioned and desired vacation, now all i have to do is pick the locale. i have two choices at the top of the list.
1. austin, texas.
2. carrboro/chapel hill/raleigh-durham, north carolina.

austin: i would have to fly to, then rent a car. that would end up being close to $600-$700 for a 4-day trip. ouch.
north carolina: would require me to get new brakes & tires (which i already have to do anyway), get jane super-lubed, pay for gas for the drive from tallahassee to north carolina and then back down through georgia, including hotel stays.
they end up being about the same money-wise. so which one?

if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions let me know!
adieu for now,


Jenny Leigh D. said...

Texas!! Everything's bigger there!! hahaha. But for real...they probably have yummy barbeque!

lulu said...

will keep that in mind...we shall see!