Sunday, September 20, 2009

hot tin roof

so the hunt continues...
since my search was a little ungratifying yesterday, i kept looking. here's what caught my eye.

i think these shoes are such a cool take on zebra print. they are Promiscuous Are You Ready Zebra Pumps/Heels on sale for $57.95. the name is cheesy as all-get out but the heels are sa-weet!
i am seriously considering this cardigan. not that i wear them often but the few that i love i wear all the time. there is something fabulously understated and classic about it. Philosophy 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan $31.99.
adieu for now,


k.lou said...

I like the shoes from yesterday a TON, but if you don't get that cardi, I just might.

lulu said...

it is pretty rad. i won't be hatin' if we both rock the cardi!