Sunday, September 27, 2009

a plate divided...

my OCD can be comical sometimes. i don't like it when food touches, and i don't eat the edges of certain foods. i alphabatize nearly everything and cannot handle the feel of velvet. it's a texture thing.
trust me, people love to test to see if i'm serious about it. i get teased all the time (and i do think it's rather funny sometimes too after all, no one would know if i didn't tell them, right?).
well, i use to love the divided plates and trays from elementary school and cookouts. not for everday use but for days when, say, my OCD has kicked into high gear which happens sometimes when i'm stressed out...this little dinner tray fits the bill. cute ain't it? wish it came in other colours but for now, prison orange is the option of the day.

orange sing sing melamine prison tray...heehee love it! $16


susanne conner said...

orange can kinda grow on ya.

lulu said...

i do love ernge!