Monday, September 28, 2009

guten tag

good morning friends. hallelujah, i have the day off.
here are some of the random things on my mind today.
1. the dodgers are hosting knitting nights and yoga nights at their stadium before games to bring in more female fans. baseball does have more female fans than any other american sport (so says the daily buzz) how cool is that? i would love to go to a baseball stadium and do yoga with a hundred other ladies. that just sounds so rad.
2. i have to get new brakes and tires for jane honda and i keep putting it off but i HAVE to get it done this week...i'm going to do it. i won't procrastinate any further, right? right!
3. the guy that was on the show Californication last night. ugh. first of all, i had never seen that show before and i feel like my brain and body are turning to mush because i can't turn this bloody television off. second, the guy was drunk on scotch and stripped down to his birthday suit, saying things that made me feel sooooo uncomfortable (though it was hilarious). the kicker for me was not the disturbing monologue so much but that he was probably 50 years old or so, full beard, and cut like an olympic athelete. it was confusing (and really, really funny) to watch because it looked like his head didn't match his body. he kind of looked like zeus.
4. IT FEELS LIKE AUTUMN TODAY!!!! i was so relieved to step outside this morning and feel a delightful (if temporary) chill in the air. oh! i want sweaters and pie and lovely pair of supple, leather boots.


Adrienne said...

He is Zeus. I googled it. The Mangina is what made me VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. And then the thought of how many takes they had to do because there is no way that everyone kept a straight face the first go-around. So rad.

lulu said...

oh yeah. and the scene just kept gooooing and gooooing and everything that came out of his mouth was more and more disconcerting. i almost wonder if he improvised it.
p.s. you're right, bored to death is such a rad show!

susanne conner said...

He sounds like a centaur to me,Now that is a scary thought!

lulu said...

it was a little frightening actually!

Adrienne said...

So sad- Bored to Death has gotten bad reviews. The critics don't get just how dry and endearing the writing and characters are. Personally, I think it takes a special breed of person to really get the show's brilliance. At least it's on HBO, so it is slightly above the fray of network television. I think my friends live right down the road from where they film in Park Slope. I'm going to stalk the cast this week. My word verification is ducklat.