Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a couple of gals & a movie

serendipity is a funny thing isn't it? i accidentally double-booked myself for this evenings' festivities. thankfully, when i remembered i had double-booked, i realized one of the booked agents had forgotten about our casually planned mani-pedi night. fortuitous! i got to go to a movie with a girlfriend i really enjoy hanging out with. we went to see julie/julia.

things i liked about this movie:
1. i can relate. i rarely finish projects and it took me a year of wishy-washiness before i began my blog (as rambling as this blog may be sometimes).
2. stanley tucci and chris messina. i have always loved the tucci (heh heh); but, chris was a delightful (and believable) surprise as julie's husband.
3. food and drink! oh, this is why the food network is like crack to me. everything looked so delicious.
4. meryl streep made julia child relateable to a new generation. both women have and had a certain aplomb that is lovely and entertaining.

off to bed now, friends!

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