Saturday, September 26, 2009

do ya feel luxe? well, do ya...punk?

i mentioned this morning that i am exceptionally inclined to daydreaming today. i am pretending it is about 60 degrees outside and windy and i need luxurious accessories to keep me fashionable and warm. as if i were having a relaxing afternoon strolling through boston and eating amazing food. thank you, , for supporting my insane habit/hobby.
portolano suede gloves $120
cole haan belt i would wear over something cashmere, $105monserat de lucca shoulder bag. yum! $194.44
patricia underwood felt hat. $87 or...

eugenia kim hat, $89.99

this one is just for fun. partially because i laughed out loud at the price and partially because i have an unnatural affinity toward bottega veneta woven bags. $3509.99 (because $3510 would just be ridiculous!)

adieu for now, friends!


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