Wednesday, December 2, 2009

28 days later, minus cillian murphy.

good morning friends! 'tis wednesday. hump day. heh. it is green outside and heavy with rain. it would be a nice day to snuggle in and watch movies. don't i say that almost every day? i have an unfortunate case of homebody.
anyway, i got a notice on my door yesterday reminding me i have 90 days before my lease is up, which means i have now...28 days to tell them whether or not i will be renewing my lease for another year. argh.
i can't see that i would do that, as much as i love my little shack. i would really love to find that open doorway to a new city and job. so, i am trying not to freak out about that impending decision and all that comes with it. for some reason i thought i'd have until the end of january not the end of december to make that choice. i don't do well under pressure.
oh well, life is good. my coffee is good. the pup is rambunctious, and my horoscope said to keep my opinions to myself. what? two days in a row?! aw come on! it's probably wise though, that i do.
if anyone knows a life coach that is willing to do some pro bono work, let me know. *insert cutesie emoticon here*
i hope your wednesday is full of creative energy, productivity, and optimism!
adieu for now,
loves to all, friends.

for all my lady friends, it is cruel to mention cillian murphy, but not leave some images for you. enjoy!


susanne conner said...

You left without the book the life coach uses as a text book. I go to B-town to see Memaw, Will be back soon.
do you really have to make a decision right this moment or just let life take its course and see where it takes you ? You put a lot of pressure on yourself to do big things, but putting yourself out there and prayer will do wonders!xxx000

Adrienne said...

Cillian Murphy wants to make out with me. Word verification is "andsigh"- how appropriate to discuss my feelings about Mr. Murphy. *sigh*

lulu said...

serendipity, miss a!!!