Friday, December 11, 2009

flippin' fabulous friday

good morning tater tots & dumplings! 'tis friday and i am in THE BEST mood today. had a great night out with friends and cannot wipe the smile off of my face. i am sure there will be a customer or two that come in that will attempt to do so for me but ish kabibble! i am happy to be happy.
so here's whats a-going on in my world...
1. weirdo internet connection that had me on the phone all morning with comcast. awesome customer service chick laughed at all of my jokes and helped me get a temp internet connection. score!
2. seven the most adorable pup in the world sitting on the settee, very annoyed that we didn't play ball this morning. oooh. if looks could kill!
3. have all kinds of funsies planned for the weekend, all of which i am looking forward to readily.
4. learned that not only am i a geek about grocery shopping and the container store...but also have learned that i really love the coin-op laundromat. especially with friends that'll trade off reading poetry with you while your clothes don't get dry.
5. i have gathered quite the christmas stocking haul for me and seven this year. i've already forgotten what i've gotten for myself but come christmas morning, me and little man will be very excited i'm sure!

alright, kids. i have to go to work now. i hope you friday is fantastic and that you smile and laugh all day long.
adieu for now,

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