Thursday, December 24, 2009

up and at 'em & eve.

oh my goodness. it is done. the holiday gauntlet is complete. i am somewhat in tact minus a few psychological bruises. it was a really hard season this time around. there are probably a lot of factors in play on that too. but it's done. now here's what's a-happenin' with me today.
i am going to wrap presents, take a nap, take a shower, play with the little buddy, hang out with the folks (more than likely a church visit), and eat manicotti for dinner. yeah, and after tomorrow i am doing whatever i want to whenever i want to for several delightful luxurious days.
i cannot express how excited i am at the concept of sleeping in (sort of...not that easy with a little dood who wakes up at 7:20 every morning on the dot), laughing with friends, listening to records, eating eating eating, and maybe even relaxing a little too.
last night i went to a christmas party and had a great time with some awesome people. it was a little challenging to get up this morning and work but worth it for a symphony of laughter and visitin' was had. a few awkward encounters too, which is inevitable apparantly, because i am me. but all in all i enjoyed every minute and every person i got to hang out with. minus the one guy i almost slapped. tee hee.
i look forward to that party every year and this one was so fun. it's nice to be accepted a little bit for being myself after all these years of trying to "persuade" people to give me a chance (which is hard when you don't really give people chances either...i can admit i've been guilty of that in the past). but, it was lovely to sit and be able to have a conversation with just about every person there and have genuine moments. there are a few exceptions to that, but just the fact that it happened at all did my heart so much good. chalk that one up as a success in general.
happy christmas eve, folks. thank you for being you.
adieu for now,


susanne conner said...

We had such a great day and night with you sweetie. We are so blessed to have each other. I love my gifts, they were well thought and precious to me, pin cushions, pins and all, including a mending heart. To top this wonderful day off here is the poem that explains the seashell angel and starfish at my kitchen window.
Love came down at Christmas
Love so lovely, Love divine
Love came down at Christmas
Stars and angels gave the sign.
God bless you this Christmas season and give thanks for the redeeming love of Christ Jesus.xxoo

lulu said...

i had such a lovely christmas with y'all too mama. you always make it special. i love you!