Tuesday, December 29, 2009

little lulu clockhead & the muddy hippies

good morningish kids! i somehow managed to sleep for ten hours last night and have totally lost my morning. vacation does weird things to me.
i had a lovely mellow day yesterday not leaving the house except for lunch with a sweet friend. i watched movies, read an entire book in like three hours, and listened to music all day. it was some kind of fabulous!
one of the movies i watched was taking woodstock. my dad sent it to me for christmas and let me tell you something...if you love music truly, and if you have ever been to a festival before then this movie will hit a sincerely special nerve.
if not then, simply put ang lee did a tremendous job of making an astoundingly beautiful, funny movie and that alone is easy to appreciate. kudos all around for that little time capsule which has now made it into my collection of uber-repeat watches.
one more thing before i shut the door on yammering about this movie any longer. every actor in it was incredible (most of whom i already had movie star crushes on beforehand). here's a list: demetri martin (comedian), emile hirsch (into the wild), paul dano (gigantic, there will be blood), liev shreiber (i don't have to list anything for you to know who he is), and eugene levy. i know i crush on unusual movie stars but what an ensemble!!
i digress. life is good in my little queendom this morning. i'm playing ball with the baby, and drinking delicious coffee. i have another lunch date and should probably do something practical like clean out jane honda or something. my vacation is going by too quickly but i couldn't be more thrilled that i've taken this time for myself. it feels so good and has me thinking about a lot of things.
hear those gears turnin'?
adieu for now, sweet darlings!

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