Sunday, December 6, 2009

shout, sister, shout!

good morning friends! i'm so glad to be in my super snuggly bed this morning. i had the most bizarre evening last night and my mind won't stop long enough for me to begin to truly analyze it. so instead of analyzing it, i'm going to line it in silver.
1. though i missed the birthday party i was supposed to go to, i still enjoyed a few people's company thoroughly at the christmas party; and i'm glad i went.
2. though the night ended with three extremely awkward encounters; i had fun dancing. met up with three very enjoyable friends (not at all involved with aforementioned awkwardness) and laughed a lot.
3. though i am worried about every little percieved slight and whether or not i've upset people, i know that i do my best. weird things happen to me and i never know how to react.
the people that are in my life are in my life for a reason. i really don't need to work for anyone's approval.
it is easy to say, not always easy to manifest. i do have an exceptional amount of peace about that today though. refreshing considering how much i fretted this weekend about it.

all in all, i'm in a good place. i'm happy to be where i am. i pine for the safety and comfort of certain people sometimes, but i know that i am 1000 times more equipped to deal with things now. i have awesome friends (thank goodness!), a great family, an ability to talk to whomever about just about anything which saves me from feeling too lonely. i have a relatively healthy body, a big tender heart full of love, and the most awesome dog a gal could ask for.
who could ask for anything more?

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