Friday, December 4, 2009

shimmy shimmy cocoa puff

good morning friends! baby, it's cold outside. for realsies. yes, i say realsies. 'tis friday and the mercury is dipping down down baby, down by the rollercoaster. it feels like december and i'm getting spoiled with every day of warm-coat weather that i'm given.
this afternoon, i'm going on a mini-road trip with two gal pals. i'm not too terribly familiar with the band we will see, but i know we will have a great time. how could we not? there's a la quinta involved and restaurant gift cards...and gal pals!
i had an awesome night out last night, champagne tasting with miss a; and leon pub with new friends. now i'm off to the tub with a certain stinky little man.
i hope y'all are having a great friday too!
much loves and more posts of interest to come soon (i hope).


susanne conner said...

I pray the stinky little man is my grand dog! Have fun.xxxooo

lulu said...

teehee! it was indeed your grand-dog!