Saturday, December 12, 2009

dwarves and galaxies

you know what? my gut is so rarely wrong. i awoke from this elusive thing called a nap having had a realization about something. it isn't a realization that i haven't had before, but those little sparkling moments of enlightenment sure ease a worried mind when they do roll around.
i am not perfect and i sure as hell never claim to be. i know i can be curt and ornery, loud and uncomfortably silly and a million other faulted dwarves; but, i do work hard for the people in my life.
if you are in my weird little world then that means i care about you. i bring your sorrows home with me and i celebrate your joys and successes with a whole heart. if you are not in my galaxy then that means that there are walls for a reason. that is so difficult for me to accept sometimes. i should just swallow that horsepill and stop abusing myself when i cannot get from people of choice the things i admire and desire to welcome into my life. there are some mixed metaphors in there. but i know what i mean. and when it comes down to it...i read my own blog a lot and it'll be good to reread this as an affirmation later.
i cannot tell whether i should nap more or less now. ha!
have a beautiful, chilly saturday night, friends! you are cared for.


susanne conner said...

Welcome to the milky way and and watch out for the shooting stars! Hi sweetie, thank you for watching boo for us, he seems good.Am tired but wanted to check in. hugs andkisses.

Jenny Leigh D. said...

Love you Lu!! Miss your cute self a whole lot already. Im going to blog during recovery and catch up on all your neato posts. da da da da daaaaaa...I'm lovin' it! :)