Monday, December 21, 2009

i like to make drawrings...

standing at this vantage point in the morning it seems like it will take a year to get to the end of this week. thankfully it is not the case, but sunday was not long enough to recuperate from retail and holiday "festivities". i'm not feeling 100% today because sinuses are staging a coup d' etat (who knows if i spelled that correctly) but tonight, i am looking forward to making a divine casserole and wrapping the last of the gifts before i officially clock out of the holidays in general.
i have a sneaking suspicion that i will be soaking in a hot bath again tonight as i have done for the past three nights. it is the most decadent treat. in fact the most decadent treat i can imagine at this point in my life is time. lots of time. being a single, independent gal i recognize that i am more blessed than some to have the luxury of taking a two hour bath. i promise not to squander this blessing, folks. heh.
i can't believe i talked about bathing again on this thing. sorry if it sends unfortunate images to some of you. i am amused though.
adieu for now!

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