Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the kisslock misers

good morning lovelies! 'tis wednesday and i have four posts (three technically because you're reading this one) left for the year crazy is that?! i can't believe how wretchedly slow and time-warp fast this year has gone by. they seem to be doing that consistently now that i'm over 25.
today i am in an unusual head space but i am not sure why. i did have odd dreams. but there is nothing different about that.
i've got the pandora on deer tick radio which befits my mood, and perhaps encourages it. i've got some ideas for how to occupy the precious hours of my vacation that have left. the only problem is that they all involve going to the stores i don't get to go to due to my work schedule. that in and of itself isn't the problem but trying to harangue my spending habits...well, that's another story.
because i know if i go to the vintage shop, then i will find something amazing. for the one vintage shop in this town that is rad beyond belief, always has my size in everything (which is practically impossible). then i will want to cry at the record shop because it's closing and everything's on sale and i want it all. all! which is ridiculous because my record player doesn't even work or have speakers anymore.
ack! what is a girl to do? i could concievably take the buddy to the park and avoid spending situations at all costs...but yeah...i think i'm still going to swing by a few places just to tantalize my aesthetics receptors.
ha! i'm a nut. happy wednesdays folks, and don't worry, little buddy will get to go to the park too.
adieu for now,
*isn't the title of this post a great band name? i think so. later!


susanne conner said...

I am glad you are having a great vacation lu, good luck with the spending, I am on a budget myself. I hope you have a safe and happy new years eve and day. I may burn my bad parts of 2009 in the fire pot, send it up in ashes and contemplate on the good. Love you honey.xxxooo

lulu said...

i think that is wise and healthy mama. it's symbolic. love you mucho!