Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a somewhat operational lu

good morning friends! i'm up and running at about 70% today. that's better than yesterday which was about 40%. i have done nothing but sleep, work, and whine for the past couple of days and i am really ready to nip this in the bud! the good thing that has come out of being sick during the busiest time of year for me?
1. lots of long hot baths. yes it's the fifth time i've mentioned baths.
2. rekindling my love for tea. my body has rejected coffee in favour of the herbal deliciousness.
3. spending lots of time with sev, who i think has grown a little weary of my constant presence in the house.
4. watching movies. i haven't sat and done that in a while and have since managed to watch there will be blood, purple rain, better off dead, and the answer man. even writing that sentence made me feel fatigued. ruh-roh. time for more tea or a tequila shot to kill all the buggies methinks.

well, kids. i promise to return to this blog a more jovial and interesting woman in the next day or two. 'til then, thank you for taking the time to read anyway! it's appreciated.
xo for now,

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