Tuesday, December 29, 2009


it has been such a fun day today! i could really get used to this loose schedule, you know? being able to get a random invite from a friend to meet you somewhere and to actually be able to say "of course i'll join you!" without having to worry about this or that.
oh! what fun i have had (and what delicious food i have consumed). i have sufficiently lunched myself, laughed with friends, had cocktails, and listened to records. how lovely.
three things i am grateful for today:
1. beautiful weather. there was nary a cloud in the sky until about 4 pm. wonderful, chilly december weather. perfect for taking meanderin' walks.
2. the gyoza at sakura (restaurant in tally). little delicious dumplins steamed with a miraculous dippy sauce. good gracious! i could eat a million of them and nearly did today.
3. great stories. i am blessed to have truly interesting friends with great stories. it always makes for an enjoyable afternoon to sit around and discuss opera-singing lousianians (louisianites?) and their mothers. ha! guess you had to be there...
off to family dinner, hope your tuesdays have been thoroughly enjoyed as well!

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