Wednesday, December 9, 2009


good morning folks! guess who didn't get done what she said she would? yep. duty called. that meant thai food and wine. here's what i learned yesterday:

1. i love meeting new people, especially if they are rad. the people i have been hanging out with lately are cool and exciting and amusing as hell. i kind of want to share them with the world but i'm feeling a little stingy with them too. only child. duh.
2. someone pointed out to me that i have a guilty conscience. it drives me nuts that i do. i apologize all the time for silly things; some things that aren't really my fault too! i passed a note to someone last night just negating the entire conversation we had had but ending it with i heart *insert name of choice* xo lulu. argh. i'm captain ridiculous sometimes. wait, which is higher ranked, a captain or a lieutenant? whichever one is ranked higher in the ridiculous army, then that's me.
3. i need to talk less about myself. i mean in real life. this blog is entirely dedicated to me talking about myself so i should just leave it here and not take it out there.
4. spicy peanuts on top of thai noodly soup is kind of genius. i have to make it less spicy than i had last night because i'm a wuss. but yum!
5. when i get drawn to someone's personality. it's magnetic and i can become really intense. i don't really like that about me; but that tunnel vision spotlight of mine apparantly makes for a hilarious show.

adieu for now, friends!

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susanne conner said...

I have learned that I feel guilty for things I should not and it is very freeing to realize, I am not to blame. guilt does not belong to God's children, because we are forgiven.xxxooo