Saturday, December 19, 2009

naptastic snugglestar

hola amigos, i am home from work and though i need to be out running errands, i have to just sit for a minute. a beautiful peaceful minute while sleepwalking is playing. it's pretty fitting considering the crazy day at the shop today. i'm so glad to be beginning my brief but much anticipated weekend.

here's a little list for you this afternoon:
1. there is a majestic simple joy in having a warm little pup snuggle up next to you and feeling the rhythm of his breathing. what a snugglebuns!
2. wine was invented for just-after-work days like this. hallelujah!
3. there are some people i encounter in my day who i just want to reach out, grab hold of and hug simply because they are genuinely kind. it would be inappropriate i'm sure, but goodness it's nice to know that they exist and that i am reminded of that at least once a day (usually when i need it most).
4. lately the sunsets have been tremendously gorgeous in my little hamlet. the colour is just right and it does that whole dappled sunlight through the trees thing as it sinks. so lovely.
5. i am digging the concept of less right now. if any of y'all don't know what to get me for christmas (because i'm SO sure you are thinking about what to buy me) or are curious about future gift ideas... if it ain't homemade (and i do love homemade things!); make a donation to heifer international, NPR, or have a fruit tree planted in my name. something along those lines.
life is beautiful. let's do more for others, because we can.
adieu to you dearies.

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