Saturday, December 26, 2009

put a record on

well, i have been sufficiently holidayed. i spent a lovely day with my family and evening with my friends. at some point i will have to get some stuff done at the funky little shack and maybe get a good long nap, but i can say that this was one of the best holidays on record for me. a lot of quality time with quality people, and a treasure trove of homemade and thoughtful gifts (which i lurve!).
i have (of course) scheduled myself within an inch of my life this weekend, but come monday, i will be relaxing. possibly even sleeping and all in all reveling in my time off. oh it's a blessed thing!
today i am fortunate enough to be chilling at the local college radio station with a groovy mixmaster friend and am listening to some fantastic music and laughing a lot. what a flippin' cool start to my breakcation! i am a lucky girl.
i hope your day is filled with a bucket of laughter and the music that speaks to your soul too.
adieu for now,

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