Monday, December 28, 2009

this'll be our year

good morning, friends! 'tis monday and i am officially on break for several days. i slept scandalously late this morning and it was amazing. when i say amazing, i mean...there are no words that exist yet for how good that felt.
i am glad to be done with the holidays. my focus has shifted from that mindset toward the new year, resolutions, hopes, and wishes for myself. i love new year so much. it is probably one of my personal favourite holidays. i delight in making resolutions. i love the sentiment of looking back at the year and looking forward to a new start, so to speak.
i used to make exceptionally long lists of things i want to accomplish in a year and would check them off as i go, usually half-assin' it by about july. and this year is no different in the sense that i have a lot of things i want to do and work on, but there's no half-assin' allowed this go around.
i accomplished so very much this year personally, that i'm not really beating myself up for not doing all of the other things that were on the '09 list. yet, i still have high hopes for the blank canvas of 2010. i cannot believe we are already a decade into the century. time goes by so fast!
well, my gal and i got together last night and had our christmas, we also started making rough drafts of the things we want to work on. and let me just say how nice that was to have a like-minded friend, concerned with self-improvement, helping you hash out ideas for our respective personal evolutions. it is a beautiful thing.
here's a smattering of what was on my list:
1. do not apologize so much. i have mentioned this in previous blogs. but i have a tendency to apologize for stuff that isn't even mine. argh.
2. get all medical stuff out of the way this year. homegirl needs her wisdom teeth out, cavities filled, the eye doctor is around the corner soon too. trying not to panic as the money goes buh-bye.
3. more shows! speaking of which, i bought myself a ticket to see one of my favourite singers who will be in town march 1st! {squeal!}
4. more trips! there's a possibility of new york, chicago, and of course road trips are always an option!
5. reinstate my formally awesome habit of meditation. it did so much for my psyche (and my sleep) that i think it's time i brought it back into my world.
6. devote more time to mornings. i usually do, but for the past three weeks or so, i have been ill-equipped in regard to getting enough sleep therefore my beautiful mornings with the baby have fallen to the wayside. bad mama. this must be remedied.
7. this is kind of silly, but i want to resolve to make my bed every day. ha! how ridiculous is that? but my room feels cleaner when my bed is made. it makes me head feel a bit more latched on too. and having a properly latched-on noggin can only help, right?

what's on your lists for this upcoming year, friends? i'd love to know!
adieu for now,

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