Sunday, December 27, 2009

get yer motor runnin'

the third entry in my "looking back at '09" involves road trips and great friends.

i took several awesome road trips this year. one to central florida, one to atlanta, another to savannah/durham/chapel hill, yet another to ft. walton beach, florida. there were concerts, there were lady friends, guy friends, there was laughter, and many a mile clocked on our respective vehicles.

there is something so specific about road trip memories. the silence, the noise, the laughter, new inside jokes, the gas station food, waffle house, concert venues, boxed wine, cheap hotels, and all around fun. sometimes a change in scenery is so greatly needed, and i'm grateful that i had as many opportunities as i have had this year to hit the road. thanks to those that have shared it with me... and to those who may do so come 2010, better check the air in 'em tires because the road is callin' me!

adieu for now, darlings.


*pic from savvy, ga on my pal's floaty back deck.

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