Sunday, December 20, 2009

which way is north anyway?

hello friends, i am at the conclusion of my weekend. yes it was short, but i shoved a whole lot of fun into the tiniest of weekend-shaped containers. i was a little hard on my body which has me thinking more and more about what i can do to get back to those long-ago days of health and well-being.
i'm sure a trip to new leaf market is in order (gotta wait for that next paycheck though) to get some vitamins. i have been doing really good in some areas, but truly wretchedly bad in others. so, the time for action is now. and just in time for the new year too!
tonight i am comfortably in bed, having taken an extremely long bath while watching there will be blood (surrealistic, beautiful, frightening, and mind-blowing) and will pontificate further on the many changes i need to conjure for myself this upcoming year while i dream about daniel-day lewis and his tom selleck mustache.
i am sending truly positive energies to you and yours friends. i hope your sunday was amazing and that your monday is too!

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