Thursday, December 10, 2009

zip it

good morning world. 'tis thursday and i am in the fuzziest head space today. you'd think going to bed early, i'd be revivified (yes i know it's not a real word) and ready to take on the day. yet i am more like a housecat this morning. yawning, stretching, lazing about, and finding little scraps of sunlight to lay in. that actually sounds better than my morning to tell you the truth.
but life is great. i had family dinner last night, which was nice and lowkey. got great news from my ladyfriend and i am beyond thrilled for her!
i had interesting dreams and will have to make sure i do not tell the people who were in them about them for they will be frightened of me after that. that's not really that surprising though. eventually i will learn not to say everything that's on my mind. eventually.
well, i will attempt more items of interest later today...i must get ready for work now.
adieu friends! and to all the newbies who just entered my little corner of the universe...welcome! you are cared for!

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susanne conner said...

hey sweetie, hope you have agreat weekend, thanks for watching boo. cassidy lives at the ranch now so I don't know if she can come by,b is calling her to see.xxxoooo mama