Thursday, December 31, 2009

transformer thursday

good morning kids! 'tis thursday, new year's eve. today i have a busy schedule (i can still somehow always manage that). i have breakfast with a lady friend this morning, have to go to the grocery store (and stock up since everything will be closed tomorrow; and i always get a weird craving for something when i know i can't get it because the store's closed), have to make a meatloaf as payment for my guitar lesson which is at 2 today. i'm a little nervous about it honestly, which is ridiculous so i won't say anything else about that.

i'm still batting around a couple of ideas for what to do this evening to kick out '09 and ring in '10. there are a few parties and people are gathering at a favourite watering hole of mine. but in all honesty, i would love to be at home with the pup all night. in fact that is what i'm leaning toward the most first thing this morning (though i have been known to change my mind).

spending the evening watching the second season of saturday night live, piddling around the apartment listening to music, practicing guitar, and reflecting on the year that has passed sounds just divine.

i reckon, we shall see, eh?

adieu for now, breakfast calls!


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