Tuesday, December 22, 2009

grumpy girl

i am fighting this sinus/cold nastiness with violent fervor and yet i still feel like crap on toast this morning. three days of nurturing and caring for myself and my throat is still sore, my body still aches, and my sinuses are in revolt. no me gusta.
i do have to hand it to the fates that the timing could not be more impeccable. right when i cannot take off work to recuperate...21 more hours of work before i can actually relax.
oh well, enough wallerin'. so what, i don't feel good! i do have the snuggliest little pup who won't leave my side, i'm brewing some tea, baking a casserole as a thank-you for some friends, and anxiously awaiting coming home from work today and crawling in the bath tub again. in case y'all didn't know, i get into the tub when i don't feel good. hence the four different posts referencing bathing over the past week.
anyway, i hope your tuesdays are far more interesting with much fewer aches. life is good.

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